Customer Agreement

Digital Files
Personal Use (non-editorial/commercial use).
Copies of digital photographs are available to license for personal use. This file may be used for printing, emailing, social networking and other personal uses. This file may not be used for editorial or commercial use. (including, but not limited to, advertising/marketing of products or services, usage in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, company collateral). This image may not be used as a Facebook profile picture if you have not paid for it. IE if you capture a screenshot of an image on this site and use it (even with our watermark). We are not in the business of creating screenshot Facebook profile photographs for free. 
This is a licensing agreement and not a sale of the image. This license allows you to make prints from this file, and to use the image for any other personal use, but does not grant any copyright to the image. PhotoSport and it's photographers maintain all copyright to images that we license. Other than the use or uses expressly listed above, no other use of the image(s) is authorized and any other use is specifically prohibited without the express written permission of PhotoSport.
Files made available for licensing through our galleries as a downloadable image for personal or non-commercial use, are typically 2048 pixels on their longest edge at 70ppi and in JPEG format.
Editorial & Commercial Use
We can offer different licensing arrangements depending on the photo and your needs (exclusive/non-exclusive rights, time-based usage right, one-time usage rights, circulation, etc.). Contact us to discuss the photos you are interested in using. Let us know the desired use and distribution.